Low Testosterone, also known as Low T is one condition that can often be overlooked and its symptoms can often mock other ailments. Though Low T might seem like a part of aging, it is treatable and if ignored can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain. So if you think you might be suffering from Low T, here’s what to lookout for:

Reduced Bone Mass

Osteoporosis or thinning of bone mass might be considered something women only have to worry about, but that’s not always the case — men can suffer from low bone mass too. Testosterone aids in strengthening and producing bone so men who suffer from Low T can often experience bone loss, have lower bone volume and can even be susceptible to fractures. If you are an older man who is experiencing low bone mass, Low T could be to blame.


With the drop in Low Testosterone can come some serious fatigue and decreased energy. If you are sleeping a full 8 hours and still feel exhausted, can’t get motivated, or even seeing signs of depression — you might be suffering from Low T. Proper treatment can boost your energy and lower your fatigue in no time.

Weight Issues

With low testosterone comes an increase in body fat. For some men, it could even lead to enlarged breast tissue. If you are noticing an increase in body fat, you might want to get your testosterone checked.

New Aches

Not only can Low T affect bone mass, but it also can lower your muscle mass. As your muscle mass decreases so does your strength, and it can lead to some joint and muscle pain. If not careful, it can also result in injury; so it’s vital that you get your yearly physical and speak to your doctor if you believe you are suffering from Low T.


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