Summer is officially here! It’s the time for beach days, BBQs, and late night swims! But if you’re a woman with severe menopause symptoms, it might seem more like a season in front of the A/C. Fortunately, there are many ways you can beat the heat! So if you are looking to soak up some sunshine — here are three ways you can manage menopause this summer:

1. Dress for Comfort.

When it comes time to pick out your summer wardrobe, look for loose, and breathable fabrics. If you are dressing for an office setting, think layers! You don’t want to be trapped in a tight form fitting outfit when you’re in the middle of a hot flash. Another option is to invest in a mini portable fan.

 2. Destress.

Stress plays a big part in our mental and physical health. During menopause, your hormones fluctuate, which can increase your stress and anxiety. The increase in stress has been known to increase hot flashes. Though stress isn’t always avoidable, it’s manageable. When you feel like anxiety is coming on  — take a deep breath. Why not go for a run, swim or take a yoga class? Daily exercise can not only curb your hot flashes but improve your overall health.

3. Switch Up Your Diet

A large meal might seem satisfying, but your Sunday dinner could be increasing your hot flashes! Fill your diet with lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Think healthy fats and smaller high fiber meals and don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water to make up for the fluids you are sweating out and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol.


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