When you think of menopause symptoms, you probably think of hot flashes, mood swings and irregular periods — but that’s not where it ends. With the drop in estrogen can come an array of side effects that you might not even think of, so here are just a few of the unusual symptoms that can come along with menopause:


Insomnia is one of the more common menopause side effect and with the drop in estrogen levels can come trouble with your inner temperature control which can lead to restless sleep. During menopause, women often find themselves getting hot flashes in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. To avoid restless nights, try and keep a regular bedtime routine and set your bedroom at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Skin Dryness

Another uncomfortable side effect of menopause is skin dryness, and the culprit — low estrogen. Estrogen plays a big part in your skin’s elasticity and as it depletes so does your skin’s moisture leaving you with tight and itchy skin. To avoid discomfort — apply moisturizer twice daily and look for a thicker and greasier formula.

Dental Issues

Suffering from a severe case of cotton mouth; estrogen not only affects your skin’s it affects your mouth as well. Chronic dry mouth can lead to a growth of bacteria that can affect your gums and teeth. So if you are noticing an increase in thirst, drink more water and get regular dental check ups.


If you feel like you are often forgetting your words or can’t seem to remember what you had for breakfast yesterday — menopause could be to blame. Estrogen can influence memory and language skills, and if you are suffering from Insomnia too, it’s like a double whammy to your brain. Regular sleep along with hormone therapy can help get rid of the brain fog and increase your mental sharpness.


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