Though Low Libido can often be considered a natural part of aging, there are many other reasons a man can feel a dip in his sex drive. Knowing the cause is the first step in fixing the issue and finding proper treatment. If you are a man noticing a lower libido than normal, here are a few things that could be to blame:


Certain medications can have a variety of side effects. Some may affect your testosterone levels which in turn can lower your libido. If you believe your medication might be to blame — talk to your doctor, a simple prescription change might do the trick.


Stress can affect your body in more ways than you know. When under stress, your hormone levels lower. Another common side effect is narrowing arteries which can reduce blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise is a great stress reliever and could be all you need to see a boost in your libido.


As men age, their testosterone levels fluctuate. They are at the highest during their teenage years and begin to decrease during adulthood. Most men notice a difference in libido around their 60’s and low testosterone is most likely to blame. Luckily, there are many treatment options available.

Low Testosterone

As we age, our testosterone levels lower but for some, it can be a bit more drastic. A problem that can occur at any age, low testosterone can leave you feeling lethargic, irritable, and uninterested in sex. Several treatment options are available, and with regular treatment, many have seen results in just a few months.
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