Low Testosterone is a treatable condition, but due to stigma and shame, it frequently goes undiagnosed. Symptoms often get chalked up to signs of aging, and depression and anxiety follow. So if you believe you might suffer from Low Testosterone, just know that you’re not alone — it’s a common condition that many men and women suffer from daily. So fight the stigma and remember these three things:

It’s a Health Issue

Having Low Testosterone can seem like something to be shameful of and is often associated with a man’s masculinity. But it’s nothing to be ashamed about, in fact, most men after age 30 experience a gradual decline in testosterone. Besides, it’s not just an issue that affects men; Women can also see signs and symptoms of Low Testosterone.

It’s Treatable

You might be feeling depressed, anxious, irritable — well these are all signs of Low Testosterone and they are all treatable.  Be open with your doctor and express the symptoms you’ve been noticing. If you are overweight, it might be as simple as improving your diet and increasing exercise. There are many forms of treatment and patients often see results in just a few months.

Being Proactive is Best

Low Testosterone can happen at any age, so there is no shame in being proactive about it. Besides, it might be the sign of something else such as type 2 diabetes, or testicular cancer, so catching it early on is key. If you are unsure if you are suffering from Low Testosterone, there are online tests that can help you better understand your symptoms. Just remember, there’s no shame in taking care of your health.


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