Low testosterone is a condition which to affects an estimated 4-5 million American men. It is natural for testosterone levels to peak at about age 20, and decrease by roughly 1% each year thereafter. However, in some men, this drop is much more rapid, and can occur at a younger age. Here are some early warning signs of low testosterone:


  • Lack of sex drive. It is normal for a man’s sex drive to vary, and it is not uncommon for men to lose interest in sex from time to time. However, the lack libido for an extended period of time may indicate low testosterone levels.


  • Genital numbness. Men who suffer from low testosterone often report a reduced sense of feeling in their genitals. They may not be completely numb, but the lack of sensation can lead to other sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction.


  • Chronic fatigue. You used to feel tired after a long day, but now you feel absolutely depleted. Like your tank is empty and you are running on fumes. You used to be full of life and energy, now you have trouble getting up from the couch. If this sounds like you, you could be suffering from low T.


  • Mood changes. Men who suffer from low testosterone may experience increased feelings of depression, irritability, or a lack of focus.


  • Reduced muscle mass. Testosterone plays a key role in a man’s muscular strength and composition. When these levels become chronically low, men often experience a decrease in the size and strength of their muscles – even if they partake in routine weight training.


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