When most people hear the word “testosterone”, they picture a juiced up meathead in the gym, screaming to themselves as they lift unnatural amounts of weight. Modern fitness magazines and supplement companies have created a lot of misconceptions about testosterone, but the experts at NuWave Medical are here to clear up some of the confusion.

Myth #1: Testosterone only affects males.

Fact: Testosterone is present in both male and female bodies. While it is found in higher levels in men and is the most important male sex hormone, testosterone still plays a key role in women. Produced in the ovaries, testosterone is important for female bone strength, energy levels, and libido.

Myth #2: Testosterone is illegal and dangerous because it is a steroid.

Fact: While testosterone is technically a steroid, it is very different from the anabolic substances used by bodybuilders and professional athletes. Unlike steroids, testosterone therapy is perfectly legal in the United States. Over-the-counter supplements and gels exist, and it is even possible to obtain legal injections. Testosterone is not dangerous when taken responsibly, especially when your dosages are monitored by a medical professional.

Myth #3: Low testosterone is a normal part of aging.

Fact: Testosterone levels begin to drop as you grow older, but this does not necessarily mean you have “low testosterone”. Testosterone levels in men peak during their 20s, and can decline by as much as 1% each year after. For many men, this drop is unnoticeable and does not lead to side effects. Some men, however, may experience a lack of energy, libido, and feelings of depression. These are symptoms of chronically low testosterone and may require professional treatment.

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