More than 5 million American adults could be suffering from hormonal imbalances right now. These imbalances can cause a lack of energy, low libido, moodiness, depression, and more. While millions are suffering from this problem, only 5% or less are actually being treated for it. If you notice any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. It’s possible that you are dealing with hormonal imbalances and could be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

If you do need professional medical treatment, look no further than the experts NuWave Medical, PLLC. Here are a few reasons why people all over New York trust us with their hormone therapy…

We have five convenient locations throughout Long Island and New York City.

Help is always nearby with NuWave Medical, PLLC. We have five offices conveniently placed throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City. Schedule an appointment at our closet branch: we have locations in Smithtown, Bellmore, Syosset, and Manhattan (Wall Street and Dey Street).

We offer hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

Hormonal imbalances can affect anyone, regardless of age or sex. At NuWave Medical, PLLC, we offer therapy for both men and women affected by these issues. Whether you suffer from low testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone levels, we can design a treatment program that can correct your deficiencies and leave you feeling great.

Our hormone treatments are painless and clinically-proven.

Our BioIdentical Hormonal Therapy is designed to naturally replenish your hormones and help you function at your best. The treatments at NuWave Medical, PLLC are closely monitored by professionals and are a much safer alternative to over-the-counter supplements. Our hormone injections are completely painless, and patients may begin seeing results in as little as two weeks.

NuWave Medical, PLLC is New York’s premier hormone treatment clinic. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (631) 343-7144.