Menopause is an inevitable part of life for women, but today there are so many ways to make this transition much easier. When estrogen and progesterone levels drop, as menopause approaches, some women may benefit from boosting their hormone levels to reduce certain menopausal symptoms. Estrogen helps maintain good bone density, skin temperature and regulating moisture of the vagina. Are you interested in learning more about your body’s hormones, how they work and how to keep them balanced? Then these books might be helpful for you to read.

Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones

Ageless, written by Suzanne Somers, reveals the secrets to feeling better with age and avoiding illnesses that typically come as you get older. What could be better than hearing you have the bones of a 20-year-old from your doctor or even the heart of a 30-year-old? If you follow the advice from Suzanne Somers you’ll discover your own internal fountain of youth.

This book is filled with updated information on bioidentical hormone replacement and anti-aging — Ageless will change your life forever. In this book, Suzanne talks about:

  • Antiaging medicine and how it can work against an environment that is making us sick
  • Menopause, which can ultimately become an enjoyable passage of time once the body is in hormonal sync with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • The importance of sleep and how healing nature can be on our bodies during this transition

The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep and Sex Drive; Lose Weight; Feel Focused, Vital, and Energized Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

The Hormone Cure is The New York Times bestselling guide to hormone balance that helps women of all ages achieve increased energy, resilience, vitality, and sensuality through science-based natural therapies. In this book, Dr. Gottfried challenges the idea that feeling moody, asexual, tapped out, dried up, stressed out, and sleep deprived is just a part of being female. Instead, he presents a solution to these problems through a three tiered strategy:

  • Supplements and lifestyle changes that address underlying deficiencies
  • Herbal therapies that optimize your body’s natural function and restore balance
  • Bioidentical hormones

The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer

Did you know that the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance are visible in almost every part of our day? For example, having to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, sugar cravings throughout the day, chronic headaches, lack of energy, and unnecessary stress are all signs of hormone imbalance. Well, this book talks about the many ways we can combat the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Dr. Natasha Turner has created a 3-step wellness program focused on the essentials of hormone balance for lasting health.

The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones

This book explains in depth how balancing your hormones can benefit your well being and your overall long-term health. Dr. Platt explores how natural bio-identical hormones can have the power to heal many symptoms often considered incurable including fatigue, hot flashes, fibromyalgia, PMS, osteoporosis, weight, sexual dysfunction, anger, and migraines. This book has received outstanding praise from wellness colleagues, book reviewers, and patients from around the world for its ideas and unique perspective on hormones and preventive medicine.

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