Are you suffering from a lack of energy, decrease in libido, loss of strength, or feelings of depression? You may be suffering from low testosterone. While Low-T is a condition that is heavily impacted by genetics, there are certain behaviors and actions that can also cause your testosterone levels to drop. Here are five ways you could unknowingly be killing your testosterone levels..

1. Eating a vegetarian diet.

Many health-conscious Americans are opting to remove meat from their diets and replace it with soy, but this is not such a good idea for men. The hormone estrogen is naturally found in soy plants. Couple this with a lack of complete proteins, and it is easy to see why men with a soy-based diet can have testosterone levels up to 10% lower.

2. Not sleeping enough.

Getting eight hour of interrupted rest every night is even more important for men with low testosterone levels. Your body produces most of its testosterone while you are asleep, so staying up to catch that 2 am rerun may not be such a good idea next time.

3. Drinking excessive amounts of beer.

Everyone loves cracking open a cold can of beer, but the hops used to brew the beverage are estrogenic. Even two beers per day is enough to impact your testosterone levels. We recommend to skip out on alcohol altogether during the week, and sip on vodka (if you must) on the weekends.

4. Living a sedentary lifestyle.

Weightlifting has been proven to spike testosterone levels, especially when performed at high intensity. This means heavy weight, lower reps, proper form, and compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once – such as squats, deadlifts, chin ups, and bench presses.

5. Allowing yourself to stress out.

High levels of stress cause your body to release cortisol; a hormone that actually negates the effects of testosterone. Men with high cortisol and low testosterone levels were clinically proven to be less competitive and fertile than men with high testosterone and low cortisol levels.

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