After Care Instructions: Botox

Before getting any cosmetic procedure or treatment done it’s important to know what to expect afterward. Following the proper instructions will give you a better experience and help you avoid any discomfort or complications. We want to give our clients… Continue Reading →

How Hormones Affect Sex Drive In Women

Sex is supposed to be full of pleasure and excitement, never a dreaded act for either party involved. It can be a direct reflection of your health, mentally and physically, your happiness, and your relationship with your partner. As you… Continue Reading →

Why Hormonal Imbalance Triggers Depression

Are you or a friend taking anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications and they seem to do nothing to fight your symptoms? If so, there may be something more going on underneath your skin. A possible cause of depression and anxiety, especially… Continue Reading →

Where Does Estrogen Come From

Many people understand the functions of various body parts, but few understand the intricacies of estrogen and hormone production. In this blog, you will learn about where estrogen comes from and the body’s primary production facilities of the estrogen hormone…. Continue Reading →

How Does Hormone Imbalance Influence Sleep?

Working out, eating a healthy diet, and staying off your phone before bedtime are all sleep-promoting habits that help restless people fall asleep. When a person follows these habits and others, they have a better chance of getting a good… Continue Reading →

Where Is Testosterone Produced in Our Bodies?

Testosterone is a vital part of men’s (and women’s) bodies. In men, testosterone is responsible for deepening the voice and adding hair to the chest, and in men and women, testosterone is vital in building muscle mass and maintaining energy… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Healthiest Foods for Your Brain

You hear it all the time, the health of your body is significantly impacted by the food you consume. Everyone knows to eat or drink dairy products to take in calcium that fortifies the skeletal system; everyone knows you have… Continue Reading →

5 Common Male Fertility Myths Busted

It is absolutely astounding the number of people that still believe some of those old wives’ tales about male fertility. The fact is that those myths are deeply embedded into our culture, so we simply assume that they are true…. Continue Reading →

4 Common (but Wrong) Old Wives’ Tales About Conception

When you’re trying to have a little one, everyone you speak with is suddenly a fertility expert and only too happy to give you advice. Everyone has the old wives’ tales that that their great-grandmothers swore by and brought over… Continue Reading →

The Vacation Idea That Corrects Our Melatonin Imbalance

Sleep deprivation is a serious condition—one that medical experts are only beginning to treat as a national crisis. Surveys reveal that Americans get less sleep than they did a decade ago. That trend affects our productivity, our physical health, and… Continue Reading →

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