Best Books About Hormones

Menopause is an inevitable part of life for women, but today there are so many ways to make this transition much easier. When estrogen and progesterone levels drop, as menopause approaches, some women may benefit from boosting their hormone levels… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Keep Stress Levels Low

Stress oftentimes feels like an unavoidable part of life and we forget that there are ways we can combat the feelings of being overwhelmed. Below is a list of ways to help keep your stress levels low, especially on those… Continue Reading →

5 Foods That Can Naturally Boost T-Levels

Low testosterone levels are a frustrating problem to deal with. Another may be taking the time out of your busy life to visit a doctor for it. There are ways to avoid visits to your doctor or medical professional for… Continue Reading →

Natural Ways to Help Aging Skin Look Young Again

As we age, natural factors cause our skin to lose the elasticity and glow that it once had. While there’s no way to reverse the aging process, there are some natural ways you can give your skin the boost it… Continue Reading →

What’s A PRP Facial?

A platelet-rich plasma, or “PRP” facial, is a simple way to naturally improve the texture and tightness of your skin with a few quick visits to our office. Plasma is a substance found in the blood that helps the body… Continue Reading →

The Meaning Behind Irregular Periods

It’s that time of the month again, or is it? For most women, a typical menstrual cycle will occur every 21 to 38 days. This is counted from the first day of one period until the first day of the… Continue Reading →

Eating Right For Your Hormones

Food is the factor that can either improve or ruin your health. Certain foods affect your natural production of hormones, and eating these foods may have positive or negative effects on specific bodily functions. It’s important to know the right… Continue Reading →

Tips for Escaping a Hot Flash

Hot flashes can occur out of nowhere. When a hot flash begins, the next few minutes can feel like a lifetime. Heavy sweating and the overwhelming need to cool down leaves some women drained once the hot flash is over…. Continue Reading →

How Hormones Differ In Males and Females

Men and women are made very similarly when it comes to estrogens and androgens: the female and male sex hormones. Estrogens are primarily characterized as female sex hormones, and androgens are classified as the primary sex hormones in males. However,… Continue Reading →

Can Anyone Enter The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program?

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely actively looking for a new way to help achieve weight loss and most importantly, a healthy lifestyle. With a 99% success rate, you’ve come to the right place! Weight loss can be… Continue Reading →

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